The beautiful flowers of Zokuma (Nerium oleander) 106

Nerium oleander Zokum is an evergreen shrub of subtropical origin, unlike most quality pink tomato seeds.

In natural habitat it reaches a height of 5 – 6 m. As a potted plant, it retains its shrubby habit (shape), but reaches a height of 1.5 – 2 m. In its natural habitat it can be used for landscaping roofs.

Its leaves are located opposite or vertebral 3. They are simple, elongated elliptical to elongated lanceolate, dark green in color and leathery, grayish-green on the underside. Its flowers are arranged in paniculate inflorescences on the tops of the branches.

The flowers are large with a petal-shaped calyx and a petal-shaped corolla. The individual flowers are 2.5 – 5 cm in diameter. There are corolla-shaped growths in the throat of the corolla, which make the color semi-kitschy.

Zokum (Nerium oleander) This species blooms for a very long time – from April to October. The whole plant is poisonous.

The species is grown mainly in forms with simple and kitschy colors with different colors – pink, white, pink-red, yellow in different shades.

The colors can be scented or not. Zokum originates from the Sub-Mediterranean, in the regions with temperate climate, the species and its cultivars are winter-hardy for the territory of Bulgaria and are grown as a perennial pot-flowering plant.

During the summer season the plants can be taken out and grown outdoors with the pot (pot), and during the winter season they can be stored in the interior.

Zokum (Nerium oleander) Plants require direct sunlight, nutrient-rich soil and regular and abundant watering.

Suitable soil mixtures are: clay chimovka, leaf litter, greenhouse soil and sand in a ratio of 2: 1: 0, 5: 0, 5, as well as chimovka, burnt manure and peat in a ratio of 1: 1: 1.

It is good to add 2 kg of horn sawdust per 1 m³ of mixture to the soil mixture.

The plants overwinter well in a cool room, bright at a temperature of 8-12 degrees and moderate watering.

Zokum is easily propagated by green stem cuttings. The species is suitable for facade flowering of balconies, for decorating a garden and yard, for decorating an open urban environment by taking the plants in pots.

Loves bright large rooms with southern exposure. It can be shaped like a low tree with one or more stems.

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