The various leaf-decorative forms of Nettle (Coleus blumeii) 96

The Various Colors of the Nettle (Coleus blumeii) The nettle is an incredibly beautiful flower that has many and varied colors, some of which resemble red tomato seeds.

It can be from one color to colorful, a combination of many colors.

Nettle originates from the island of Java and is one of the most diverse deciduous ornamental plants.

It reaches 30-45 cm in height and 30-38 cm in width. Under favorable conditions, Nettle can exceed these dimensions. розови домати семена

Sometimes it acquires the character of a creeping plant. It is not so demanding to the light. Very beautiful plant, but not suitable for accents in interior design.

It grows well in winter in direct sunlight and in summer in partial shade. When exposed to the sun, the colors become even brighter and more contrasting.

Does not tolerate sudden changes in temperature at room temperature in winter the temperature should be 13 – 15 degrees, and in summer it should be 15 – 21 degrees.

Nettle (Coleus blumeii) Compared to air humidity Nettle does not tolerate drought, but also does not tolerate excessive moisture.

For its best development, it is good for the humidity to be moderate.

Compared to watering Nettle requires moist soil in winter and abundant watering in summer, taking care not to rot the roots of the plant. Root rot leads to deterioration of the decorative appearance of the plant, and sometimes to death.

For its good development it is important that the roots are in a suitable soil substrate, and the suitable soil substrate for Nettle is composed of chimovka, leaf litter and sand. For the good development of the Nettle it should be fertilized every two or three weeks. The fertilizers used in most cases are liquid mineral fertilizers. With their action the nettle acquires the maximum decorative effect.

Flowers of Nettle (Coleus blumeii) The nettle is propagated by cuttings, the cuttings being rooted either in sand or in water. After the roots appear, the plant is planted in a soil substrate. Reproduction is by seed, but it is very difficult and therefore not practiced.

The cuttings used for rooting are 8-10 cm long. When the plant reaches a height of about 25 cm, it is good to prune to branch. It is good for the Nettle leaves to be sprayed in the summer. The temperature should not be allowed to fall below 13 degrees, because the leaves fall off.

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