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As the name suggests, the Chinese rose originates from China. Its dimensions are not very small. It reaches two meters. To grow it in an apartment requires a large room (room). It is suitable for interior arrangement. In summer it can be taken out in the garden on the balcony or in a greenhouse made of Israeli polyethylene nylon. израелски полиетилен за парник и оранжерии

The Chinese rose has many beautiful and large flowers that delight its owners.

It blooms in a variety of colors: fiery red, pink, yellow, orange and white. The duration of flowering depends on the care taken for it.

It usually blooms from May to October, but under favorable conditions and good care it can bloom

all year.

The Chinese rose does not grow well in shady places, so you should choose a place with strong but not direct light. Direct sunlight affects it badly and degrades its decorative appearance.

Leaves of Chinese rose (Hibiscus rosa – sinensis) This species loves heat so the minimum temperature that should be allowed is 15 degrees. Below this temperature, the plant begins to suffer and does not grow well.

Regarding watering The Chinese rose requires a lot of water.

In winter, the substrate should be kept constantly moist, and in summer it should be watered abundantly. The pot should have good drainage. Drainage is done to protect the roots from stagnant water along them, which leads to their rot.

The rot of the roots leads to the death of the plant or to the deterioration of its decorative appearance. Drainage consists of broken tiles or similar materials and 2 cm of sand.

The soil mixture for potted plants consists of equal parts garden soil, leaf litter and well-decomposed manure.

Chinese rose (Hibiscus rosa – sinensis) To maintain flowering and to improve soil nutrition, liquid fertilizers are used, which are applied every two weeks during flowering.

Propagation is carried out using stem cuttings from spring pruning.

They take root in water or sand. Roots appear after about 30 days. After the roots appear, it is planted in the soil.

It is desirable for young plants to remove the tips in order to branch. It is good to feed with potassium fertilizers during flowering. Тротоарни плочки Пазарджик

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