Green plastic parking grids for grass form Seven Seeds ltd.

Garden e-shop Semenata Shop added to its catalog of garden flooring a high-quality product – Green plastic parking grids for grass from Seven Seeds ltd. for building green parking lots with a load capacity of up to 400 tons per sq.m.

These quality products specialize in the construction of different areas and purpose „green parking areas“. These are parking lots that are grassed, 96% of which are lawns. This is especially valued in the construction of buildings in highly urbanized areas, where the need for green space is high.

With the Green plastic car parking grids for grass, you can build parking lots in private yards, rural villas, gardens, public parks, residences, gated residential complexes, around residential buildings, panel blocks, hotels and hotel complexes, guest houses, hospitals and sanatoriums, holidays stations, etc.

With these products you can build parking lots around large shopping centers (malls), they are often used to build parking lots for trucks, parking lots for various types of construction machinery (excavators, dump trucks, water carriers, bobkat, excavator, scraper, paving machines, roller, etc. .).

The Green car parking grids for grass from plastic material is also used for parking for agricultural machinery – combines, tractors, seeders, various types of sprayers with trailers and semi-trailers, various types of agricultural machinery – balers, hay mowers, tanks, cultivators, belt loaders, and more.

The product is highly valued in the creation of parking lots for campers and caravans around dams, seaside resorts, public swimming pools, mountain huts and more.

In addition to its standard purpose, the plastic Green parking grids for grass is also valued for strengthening damaged terrain. With it, you can successfully strengthen sliding steep sections of the yard, stop landslides around highways and roads of first and second class road networks.

It is not uncommon for construction companies to build various secondary roads with plastic parking grids. Due to their high load capacity, they are suitable for the construction of emergency roads in parks and gardens, which are visited intensively by many people, roads in historic parks and natural landmarks.

Advantages of this model plastic Green parking grids for grass for green parking:

The parking grids from plastic have a special innovative design, which helps the root system of the grass sown in them to spread not only in depth but also in width. This significantly improves the quality of the grass in green parking lots and facilitates its maintenance.

The green parking grids are made of high quality PP and PE recycled plastic granules without added heavy metals. They are extremely strong and can withstand impressive loads of 400 tons per square meter, and this great load capacity has been tested and certified by TUV SUD and KIWA GmbH. The plastic parking green grids are certified according to the international quality standards ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015.

One of the main advantages of the model is undoubtedly the resistance to adverse conditions. Plastic parking green grids for grass can withstand temperature ranges from -50 degrees to +90 degrees Celsius, without affecting their load capacity and color. The quality of the materials used for their production is a prerequisite for many years of trouble-free use.

The quality green grids for parking presented by Semenata Shop have an extremely easy system for mounting to each other. In this way you can easily and quickly install large areas of green parking.

Application of plastic Green parking grids for grass:

To build different types of green parking lots.
They can strengthen landslides and steep slopes.
Construction of roads and paths for emergency cars – ambulances, fire, police, etc.

Parking grids in green made of plastic material can be used to build flooring around the outdoor gym, playgrounds, and more. park facilities.

With them, you can easily make paths and rows in vegetable greenhouses and greenhouses of Israeli polyethylene, glass, or polycarbonate.

The parking green grid elements are suitable for the construction of garden paths, alleys in parks and gardens.

Plastic parking grids for grass in green are often used as a means to facilitate the installation of garden lamps and garden lighting in lawns.

Construction of roads in hotels and hotel complexes.

They are used for the construction of bicycle and pedestrian alleys.

Parking gratings made of plastic material are often used to build horse bases and racetracks for racing with animals.

How to install plastic parking grids in green color with innovative design:

The first step before the installation of the green parking grids is to remove the humus soil layer to a depth of 30 – 40 cm. This humus layer is stored near the construction site to be used to fill the parking elements.

At the bottom is placed a layer of about 20 – 40 cm small gravel (with a fraction of 31.5 mm), which is compacted (rammed) well with vibro rollers or ramming machines type „crow’s feet“. This layer is the basis of the parking lot and is made of creatures important, especially in the construction of parking lots for heavy machinery and parking lots with high load intensity.

After ramming it is good to put a layer of waterproof geotextile with a density of at least 100 g per sq m (up to 300 g / sq m). This layer is very important and prevents the appearance of different types of weeds in your green parking lot or path. Suitable materials for this layer are – geotextile for mulching and agrol for mulching.

This is followed by laying a layer of 3 – 5 cm of sand (when building horse bases, horse pastures, etc. the layer of sand should be at least 7 – 10 cm thick). Level the sand layer well and also compact it very carefully with a roller or rammer.

Once you have prepared all these layers of the base, it’s time to install the plastic parking green grids for grass. This is extremely easy and fast due to the special locking system. Parking fixtures have male and female locks that connect easily to each other, thus quickly laying the elements on large areas.

When connecting between the individual elements of the parking lot, very small openings (expansion joints) remain, which prevent the displacement of the individual parts during temperature expansions. This is especially important when building parking lots during the summer months, when temperatures are very high.

Attention! Do not install the parking grids at temperatures below 2 degrees.

The openings of the car parking grids fro grass can be filled with humus soil, sand, fine gravel, white marble mosaic, and more types of inert material.

In case you fill with humus soil, it is good to do it twice – the first time fill the holes to the top and wait about 1-2 weeks for the soil to settle (the settling process is accelerated by systematic irrigation of the parking lot), then fill again. The one-time filling method is also effective, covering the parking lot with about 1 cm of soil above the edge of the parking bodies.

Grassing of plastic car parking grids for grass:

When grazing parking elements, it is extremely important to ensure regular watering and fertilizing of the grass, as well as a suitable grass mixture for this. The sowing of grass seeds is done by filling them with humus soil.

This is done by performing the following steps:

Fill the parking grids in green color to the top with a suitable substrate.
Wait until the soil settles.

Then add the grass mixture and fill again with humus soil, add fertilizer for new grass, and water abundantly with a fine stream. It is good after the subsidence of the second layer of soil to have a distance from the edge of the parking grid to the soil layer of about 1.5 cm. This distance is important for the development of grass and its leaf mass.

Be sure to wait for about 2-3 mowings before putting the parking lot into operation.

Suitable grass mixture for grass car parking grids from plastic – agrostis, cultivated cob, grass mixture sports.


Technical characteristics of the product:

Material – PP / PE recycled granules without heavy metals

Dimensions – 492/492/39 mm

Color – Parking grids are available in green, but can also be ordered in white and black

Weight of 1 pc. – 0.9 – 1.00 kg

Weight per 1 sq.m – 4.4 kg

Load capacity – up to 400 tons per square meter

Wall thickness of the parking grids – 3 – 5 mm

Landscaping percentage – 96%

Temperature resistance – from -50 degrees to +90 degrees

Pallet size 50 sq.m – 1.0 / 1.0 / 2.2 m

Guaranteed origin – EU

Attention! The indicated price is for one square meter including VAT and free delivery to Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Ruse, Pleven, Burgas, Haskovo, Svilengrad and all of Bulgaria. Minimum delivery quantity is 100 sq.m. Payment 100% in advance by bank transfer. Delivery time up to 14 working days.

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