Turfstone pavers for driveway from concrete 60 40 10 cm

Garden center online Semenata Shop is pleased to present an extremely high quality product for the construction of parking lots – Turfstone pavers for driveway from concrete 60/40/10 cm.

The Turfstone pavers for driveway from concrete are highly valued by all construction companies, private construction crews, gardeners, gardeners and landscape architects. With it, most often, as its name suggests, large and small parking lots are built around buildings with different purposes. In addition, with the parking lot of the body can be built garden pavements, terraces, footpaths, garden alleys, courtyards, road junctions and more.

The concrete turfstone pavers for driveway is a body made of concrete with dimensions 60/40/10 cm. There are 8 pieces left in the parking element. holes with a size of 10/10 cm, which are intended for filling with humus soil or various types of aggregates (quartz sand, construction sand, gravel, etc.).

The main advantage of the concrete turfstone pavers for driveway is its high resistance to load. It easily and quickly builds large areas for parking cars, light trucks, trucks – trucks, trucks, combines, tractors with trailers and semi-trailers, campers, caravans, buses, trolleys, minibuses, buses, crossovers, jeeps and others.

Concrete pavers for driveway do not have resistance to frost and alkali. This means that in order to thaw it is good to use suitable concrete preparations (for example based on Nacl, etc.). Keep in mind that detergents that contain sulfates can easily partially or completely damage the concrete floor.

The quality concrete Turfstone pavers for driveway is highly valued for its UV durability. This is especially important when creating parking spaces that are exposed to the sun all day.

Last but not least is the advantage of the openings, through which you can achieve up to 70% landscaping. This is appreciated when building buildings in highly urbanized areas, where normal green areas can not be built.

In these cases, the openings of the Turfstone pavers for driveway from concrete 60 40 10 cm are filled with humus soil, and a grass mixture for parking lots is planted in it (usually agrostis or cultivated cob). Under certain conditions, it is possible to plant ornamental plants with a strong and deep root system in the holes, which will strengthen the slopes or sloping parts of the terrain.

Application of the Turfstone pavers for driveway 60 40 10 cm:
The main application of this product is for the construction of parking lots. It is not uncommon to build parking lots around malls, large retail chains, supermarkets, hypermarkets, grocery stores, construction exchanges, parking lots around office buildings, garden centers, mattress factories, various warehouses, factories, tents, vets, NPPs and etc.

It is not uncommon for the concrete Turfstone pavers for driveway 60 40 10 cm to be used to build roads in parks or private residences, around hotels and gated hotel complexes.

With the parking grids, you can easily make detours around roads, strengthen sloping terrain or use to build terraces in private yards, villas, chalets in the mountains, in guest houses made by European project and more.

Not infrequently the concrete Turfstone pavers for driveway is used and prices for the creation of courtyards in small and large residential buildings, blocks and complexes it closed type, courtyards of houses, small family hotels and more.

Another application of the product is for building steps in gardens and parks, and in combination with ryegrass and ornamental plants can easily fit into the landscaping of your garden.

Technical characteristics of the concrete parking grids:

Size of 1 pc. parking pavment – 60/40/10 cm

Permissible deviation in size – from + 2 / + 2 / + 3 mm to -2 / -2 / -3 mm

Holes – 8 pcs. holes with dimensions 10/10/10 cm

Approximate cost – 1 sq.m contains about 4,166 pcs. parking elements

Weight of one parking element – 32 kg

Delivery is made on a European pallet, as per 1 pc. Europallet (80/120 cm) is delivered 34 pcs. parking elements or 8.16 sq.m with a total shipment weight of 1088 kg upon delivery WITHOUT unloading at the site.

If you want to unload with a drop board and pallet truck, the maximum number of Turfstone pavers for driveway from concrete 60 40 10 cm that can be placed on the European pallets is 24 pcs. – 768 kg.

Attention! The indicated price for concrete parking grid is for 1 pc. element with incl. VAT for Ruse, Plovdiv, Sofia, Varna, Kozloduy, Blagoevgrad, Bansko and all small and large settlements in Bulgaria, which can be accessed by truck or trailer.

Note! Despite the maximally optimized procedure and the use of raw materials of natural origin (cement, sand, etc.), slight, insignificant changes in the colors of the products may occur.

Please note that it is possible to obtain different shades of parking fixtures. These differences are equalized over time under the influence of weathering and exploitation.

Due to this feature of the product, for the construction of large areas use simultaneously parking elements of several pallets.

Благодарим на фирма Севън Сийдс ООД, че са лидер в доставка на семена на домати червени и розови и за това че са уникално добри в доставка на качествени паркинг елементи на достъпни цени.

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