Professional maintenance of green areas in yards and gardens for Haskovo and Marylend

GardenBG com presents for its customers a new service – professional subscription maintenance of green areas in yards and private villas, houses, pre-block spaces, and more.

The garden is a living organism that is constantly changing and evolving. This is the reason why she needs constant care throughout the active season (from March to October).

GardenBG offers complete subscription care for your green area by specialists with over 10 years of experience in the field of landscaping and landscape architecture in Bulgaria – „Sofia Garden“ Ltd.

The price includes 4 to 5 visits per month (every week at a convenient day and time for you). You are visited by a team of trained professional gardeners who perform all the necessary care for your ornamental plants and lawns.
Lawn care – weekly mowing and removal of grass waste, fertilization according to a specially prepared schedule with professional mineral fertilizers, spring and autumn aeration of the lawn, spraying with preparations against weeds in the grass, control of fungal and other diseases and pests. lawns, sowing with professional grass mixtures in order to thicken the grass and maximize the decorative effect.

Care for flower vegetation – digging and edging of flower beds, removal of overblown flowers, pruning and pruning for more abundant and prolonged flowering, fertilization according to a specially prepared schedule, weekly monitoring of diseases and pests of flowers, treatment with plant preparations

Protection and gardening.
Care for trees – shrubs – digging and edging, pruning fruit trees, pruning shrubs according to the requirements of the respective plant species. Weekly observations and monitoring for pests and diseases. Treatment with plant protection products. Scheduled fertilization with compound fertilizers.

Hedge care – Weekly or monthly pruning and shaping of hedges (according to the type and need of the respective species). Scheduled fertilization with professional mineral fertilizers.

Weeding – Weekly removal of weeds from flower beds, tree – shrub groups, rock gardens, etc.

Cleaning of autumn foliage and wintering of the garden – During the autumn months the fallen leaves of the trees are cleaned, the garden is prepared for the winter (wintering).

Cleaning – After each visit, all waste from the activity (cut grass, branches, leaves, etc.) is precisely cleaned and transported to a landfill (garbage fee is included in the maintenance price).

Specialized mineral fertilizers.
Plant protection products.
Grass mixture.

After placing an order for subscription maintenance of the yard and garden, you will be visited by specialist gardeners at a convenient day and time for you. They will measure your green area and will prepare an individual offer, which will provide all the necessary activities for the garden and a schedule with the intensity of monthly visits.

You will be given a contract and a convenient day and time to visit a team of gardeners will be discussed.

A subscription contract for maintenance of green areas is signed for a period of 1 month or for the whole season (8 active months from March to October inclusive) according to the wishes and needs of the client.
Payment is made by bank transfer.

The price does not include planting new vegetation.
Prices for sites outside the town of Haskovo – the prices are the same, only a transport fee of BGN 0.25 / km is charged (transport is paid in both directions) for the movement of gardeners.

If the client wishes to be visited by the same team, an additional 20% of the monthly price is paid.

Fixed prices for small areas:
Prices for one month subscription maintenance of yard and garden: 25 – 130 BGN / sq.m

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