Classic clear plastic pot in transparent white with irrigation system

Online store for garden goods „Garden“ offers a classic clean model pot in transparent white color, which you can order online. The pot will be delivered to you together with a special irrigation system. With it, your flowers will practically water themselves.

This pot is ideal for growing a variety of small ornamental plants, with which you can easily diversify the design of your home, office, or garden. Another advantage of the transparent white pot is that it could easily be decorated with beautiful flowering plants (sow Begonia seeds in it, for example). store offers various discounts when buying the pot in bulk. To receive more information about the wholesale discounts offered for this product, contact us by email or contact numbers left in the „Contacts“ menu.

The shape of the White Pot is suitable for growing different types of ornamental plants, as well as different types of herbs or spices. If you have decided to experiment with different flowering plants, then this is the pot for you. You could easily and quickly arrange it and place it in a prominent place, decorating your terrace or balcony.

This white transparent pot is suitable for growing the favorites of all ficus, as well as many other leafy ornamental species. It is suitable even for different types of climbing plants and oryx.

You can rely on this model of pots if you decide to plant various larger plants such as benjamins, yucca, dracaena, and other plants of this type. The universal stylish shape is suitable for growing begonias, geraniums, coins, summer gerberas, and flowers suitable for outdoor decoration. If, however, your idea is to decorate with something simpler, you can always plant different types of ornamental grasses.

Color: White color.
Dimensions of the opening: The opening of the pot in the upper part has a diameter of 14 cm (ф14)
Height of the pot: 12.5 cm
Capacity: about 1.5 liters of soil substrate.
Product weight: 0.370 kg

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