Summer work jacket made of fabric for work clothes and light-reflecting elements

GardenShop.Pro presents a summer work jacket made of a special fabric for work clothes with light-reflecting elements. A quality product that is suitable for any job that requires wearing work clothes. For its production is used sustainable textiles with a balanced percentage of cotton and polyester 260 g / sq.m, two fabrics with complementary qualities.

Even after the first few hours you will feel the advantage of the combination – the softness and ventilation of cotton and durability and lack of deformation of polyester.

The summer work jacket is available in a combination of two colors, beige and black. The base is beige and the black color is applied to the upper part of the jacket, the outer part of the sleeves and the boards with which the pockets are fastened. The latter are four in number with a standard volume, which does not provide for the accumulation of tools, but only the most important things, such as keys and a smartphone.

The volume of the pockets is exactly like that, because the style of the work jacket for the summer is more refined.

The work jacket is fastened in a combination of a zipper and an additional board with tic-tac buttons. It has reflective wicks, very suitable for climatic conditions characterized by low or no visibility. Reflective wicks will take extra care of your safety. This is highly valued by workers in the municipality, employees in cleanliness, municipal cleaning of streets and parks, security guards in parking lots and garages.

The cut of the summer jacket is straight without elastics on the arms and waist. Only extra buttons are placed to tighten the wrists when needed.
The basic standard including the minimum requirements to be met by the production of each workwear is also present. This is the European standard EN 13688. This means that you can trust the quality of the product and that the basic protections of clothing are present.

Many professions are suitable for using a reflective summer work jacket. The item is highly valued by general workers, site engineers and construction workers, people who work in repair shops and strictly profiled companies, gardeners, landscape designers, professional gardeners, repair workers, artists, and why not movers.

The summer outerwear is also ideal for personal use, for work in the garden or at the villa.

The work light-reflecting jacket is part of the product line and combines perfectly with any other item in this series. In this case, these are pants and summer overalls. If you have a complete set, you will be ready with work clothes for all seasons of the year.

You can also place an individual order online to add an advertising company inscription to this model of summer work jackets or company logo. GardenShop.Pro store offers many options and discounts when ordering large quantities.
Currently not available!

Color: The work summer jacket has a fresh combination of beige and black.
Fabric: Special fabric for work clothes combination of cotton and polyester with a density of 260 g / sq.m
Product weight: 1100 g.

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