Women’s summer work overalls with a comfortable cut and strong fabric

Gardenshop.pro offers the delicate half of the summer women’s work overalls at a great price online. Now the ladies can be beautiful and appropriately dressed for work. The combination is usually impossible when the work is heavier and requires special work clothes.

The summer overalls for work have something else to complement the ladies’ wardrobe. The jumpsuit is just one part of this collection, which offers absolutely everything for the work process for each season of the year – jacket, full jumpsuit, pants, shorts, vest, T-shirt and hat. With a complete set, you will be ready for any physical work, regardless of weather conditions.

The colors of the women’s jumpsuit are two – gray and red. Gray is the main color, and red is a complementary shade used as an accent to emphasize some details of the product. For example, the back of the pockets are in red. The idea is to emphasize their volume and practicality. Their practical orientation is more than obvious. You have six pockets on the front, one of which is designed for a smartphone. There is enough space in each of them to take the important things with you.

The cut of the overalls for women is designed so that every lady feels well dressed for a long time with it. The fabric is cotton and polyester 235 g / m2. Cotton gives comfort to the body and takes care of good ventilation, and polyester does not allow the shape of the model to be lost over time. It becomes resistant to abrasion and wear. In addition, like any quality workwear, it has all the official characteristics of such. A worthy example of this is the

European standard EN 13688, with which the item can boast.
This type of women’s overalls is highly valued because they can be used for many activities, including professional gardeners, hygienists, general work, as well as activities related to the garden, villa work or major home renovations. Since the product is intended for ladies, do not think that you have to carry loads to benefit you. On the contrary, if you are an artist, this product is also the ideal option to protect your body from pollution, whether you are engaged in pottery, ceramics, sewing machines, creating sculptures, beautiful carvings or amazing paintings.
The work summer overalls for ladies can be ordered online and as branded work clothes with your company logo or motto. Ask our consultants about the possibilities of adding a special water print or embroidery with your phone, online store, website or just a company name. When buying larger quantities we offer a discount from the standard price.
Currently not available!

Color: Gray with red details.
Fabric: Made of cotton and polyester 235 g / sq.m.
Product weight: 670 g.

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