Black work jacket with reflective elements and triple reinforced seams

The online store offers you a black work jacket with light-reflecting elements, ideal for work at home or for the workplace. The product is of high quality workmanship. The triple-reinforced seams where such clothes break the fastest make the model a valuable asset for anyone who wants workwear to be strong and not easy to tear.

This feature also makes it suitable for activities that involve repetitive movements or long standing in a specific position, such as people working at heights, plumbers, electricians and gardeners.

The work jacket in black is made of a mixture including cotton and polyester with 280 g / m2 density. The two fabrics form a quality combination with complementary characteristics suitable for every skin.

This type of black outerwear has a standard cut, which is characterized by numerous pockets and elastic waist and wrist areas. Mentioning pockets, they are a total of four outer pockets, two of which have additional compartments.

They are standard in volume and can hold the most important things you want to take with you. The collar has a classic height. The black men’s work jacket is fastened with a zipper made of recycled plastic and an additional board with tic-tac buttons.

The color of the jacket is graphite black in combination with white stitching, which gives its look a unique stylish shade. By adding reflective wicks, the model becomes a perfect product that will undoubtedly meet your requirements.

In addition to the mentioned positive characteristics of a work jacket, the model also meets the European standard EN 13688 for quality, which defines the basic requirements for a garment intended for work. This is important to keep in mind because there are activities that require the use of certain protections. Every workwear must meet the basic requirements for quality and protection of the European Union.

If you need work trousers and overalls, you can order them online as an addition, which can be perfectly combined with the jacket. All products in this line meet the same quality requirements and would be a great set of workwear for any company.

In addition, with a complete set you will always be ready to work at the villa or in the garden. Due to the reflective wicks, the jacket is suitable for wearing in places with low visibility.
Currently not available!
Color: Graphite black color.
Fabric: The jacket is made of cotton fabric with polyester 280 g / sq.m.
Product weight: 1400 g.

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