Blue work jacket with combustibility protection made of special cotton

Practical blue work jacket made of antistatic cotton fabric proban. The fabric contains 100% cotton, with a solid density of 360 g / m2. The main advantage of the blue work jacket is that it is treated against flammability. The fabric used for its production is suitable for all weather conditions. On warm days it allows the skin to breathe and absorb moisture, and on cold days it gives warmth to the body.

This model of outerwear for work is specially designed for certain activities, whose requirements for the characteristics of workwear are at a very high level. The jacket made of special fire-resistant cotton has several European certificates – EN 340, EN 11612 and EN1149. EN 340 is a standard that guarantees the presence of basic requirements in a work suit. Certificate EN 11612 means a protective team that has protection against heat and flame. EN1149 is again a European recognized standard related to protective clothing and in particular is responsible for the presence of electrostatic properties.

Another feature of a work jacket in blue is the cut suitable for more specific activities. It resembles the so-called aviator type jacket, with the difference that it is made of a special fabric, as mentioned above. There are elastics on the sleeves and in the lower part of the model, which are not placed just like that.

It is assumed that the activities that will be performed with it require maximum protection of the skin and body. If there are no rubber bands in the indicated places, there is a high probability that you will suffer from burns.
The blue work jacket has four pockets, which are provided only for the most necessary things.

The fastening is done with the help of a zipper, which can be additionally covered with a board of the same special material, which is fastened with buttons. The model is a great addition to a protective work overall that is from the same line and that meets the same safety features. In addition to the overalls, you can also find special work trousers made of the same protective fabric in the GardenShop online store.

The Fa work jacket is suitable for activities related to heat sources, such as fire or other similar direct heat, which requires good protection of the body. These are foundries, welders, locksmiths, metallurgical workers, miners and others. Of course, this means that it is most useful for use in the professional field. Of course, there are people who want to be prepared for any situation, especially when they are at home. This makes them feel more secure in their own home. They also choose security and the ability to always have a jacket with the described strong protection at hand.
Currently not available!

Color: This model of high quality work jacket is available in blue.
Fabric: 100% cotton, specially treated against flammability 360 g / sq.m.
Product weight: 1400 g.

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