Luxury work shoes made of genuine leather water-repellent

Shop for work clothes and gardening goods GardenShop.Pro presents to its customers another model of luxury quality work shoes made of genuine leather water-repellent.

The sole (outer part) of the shoes is made of quality, well-treated leather, which has the property of not leaking water. This will protect your poop from getting wet during operation. This characteristic feature of leather work shoes is highly valued by all workers in car washes, landscaping, hygienists, construction workers, plumbing specialists, plumbers, water engineers, employees in water power plants, sewage treatment plants and others.

The lining of this model of leather shoe is made of a special fabric that is highly resistant to abrasion and wear. This gives you security even when you have to take off and put on your shoes many times during the day. In addition, the lining is made of breathable textile, which absorbs moisture from sweating feet and thus avoids the feeling of steamy and constantly wet feet.

The leather shoes are slightly raised, thus protecting not only the feet and ankles. Видин тротоарни плочки

One of the main advantages of the model is that they are work shoes with an anatomical insole. This way, your feet are not overloaded when wearing the shoe all day. At the same time, the insoles are made of soft and comfortable polyurethane (a type of polyester), which also absorbs moisture and is very resistant to wear.

Of special importance is the special aluminum dome that the model has. It protects the toes and the front vulnerable part of the feet from impact and injury. The model has been tested and successfully withstands mechanical shocks with a force of up to 200 joules. The plate in the bomb is non-metallic, made of special durable plastic – ATP.

Genuine leather work shoes have protection level S3. They are certified according to the European standard for safety of workwear EN 345. These certificates are extremely important and are a guarantee for the quality and safety of the shoe.

The model working leather shoe is suitable for a number of professions – workers in car service (car mechanics), hygienists in car wash, workers in tec, vec, aez, drywall installers, construction workers, general workers, movers, hygienists, masons, climbers, loggers, gardeners , farmers, etc.
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Technical specifications
Black color.
Upper genuine leather – water-repellent leather.
Sole: PU / TPU
Lining: Special textile that is breathable, highly resistant to wear and abrasion and has the ability to absorb moisture.
Insole: The insole of the leather work shoes is anatomical, made of very soft and comfortable polyurethane, highly resistant to abrasion and absorbs moisture.
Toecap: This luxury model is a work shoe with a toe, which is made of aluminum and has a non-metallic plate.
Protection level: S3
Product weight: 1,200 kg (includes box).

ATTENTION! Certified according to the European standard EN 345.

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