Summer work jacket made of durable fabric – Gabardine

A new product for you from the GardenBG store is a blue gabardine summer work jacket. Extremely practical and convenient for all kinds of activities. It is used both for the home and for various types of professions. Made in Bulgaria.

The fabric is very strong, does not shrink, and does not change color when washed and external influences. Light and gentle on the skin and pleasant to wear on hot summer days. The summer work jacket has a loose straight cut.

There are two large pockets at the bottom sides and a small pocket at the top left for convenience and storage of the necessary tools and utensils. Fastens at the front with four buttons.

Protects against dust, wind, and other various contaminants. The summer work jacket can be used by both men and women with different professions such as cleaners, car mechanics, locksmiths, carpenters, drivers, agricultural workers, tractor drivers, home and garden workers, plumbing workers, and many more. professions.

It is especially valuable for gardeners and breeders. Indispensable for work in all conditions. It can be ordered online from our store both individually and in a set with summer work trousers. The price is low and competitive, and the delivery is up to 3 working days after the order.
Color: These work summer jackets are produced in blue.
Platt: Gabardine.
Product weight: 370 g.
Model size from the photo: 52
Sleeve length: 60 cm

This model of workwear is also available in the following sizes:
46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60

How to order the right size work clothes?
1. Use the table to see which size is best for you.
2. Measure the length of your arm from shoulder to wrist when folded (sleeve length for jacket or jacket).
Work suit size – cm Jacket – sleeve length – cm
52 60

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