Elegant transparent pots for Wanda orchid (pink color)

Looking for an orchid pot? Great! The online store „Garden“ offers to your attention the perfect pot for orchids with a light pink shade – „Wanda“. Made of plastic, extremely light, pot „Wanda“ is appreciated by professional gardeners in various interior arrangements with orchids. It is most often chosen because of the extremely functional design it has specially created to bring your beautiful orchid closer to its natural living conditions.

Wondering what is so special about this pink orchid pot model available online? The secret lies in the special irrigation system. It is a double bottom, which acts as a tank and a special wick, with which the plants are self-watered in a capillary way with the optimal amount.

Orchid pot – „Wanda“ will protect the roots of your plants from rot, usually caused by excess water.

This pot in a pink shade for orchids „Wanda“ is suitable for growing most of the plants covering the orchid family. The perfect choice for the orchids Phalaenopsis, Miltonia, Catlea, Angrecum, Dendrobium, and others.

Professional gardeners use this container for orchids with a light pink shade to create special arrangements for private parties, team-building gatherings, in case of surprises for birthdays, bachelorette parties, name days, March 8, Palm Sunday, and more. holidays and events. Most often, the arrangements are „created“ in specially selected orchid baskets, in which the selected plants are placed, pre-planted in pots for orchids „Wanda“ from the online store gardenshop.pro.

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