Fresh purple plastic orchid pot with irrigation system – Cyclamen Lily

Cyclamen Lily is one of the newest products offered by the professional garden shop. This cute little orchid pot with an irrigation system is made of strong and light plastic. It has a modern purple cyclamen color and is equipped with a special irrigation system.

This flower pot has a practical shape, suitable for growing a huge number of ornamental plants and especially for different varieties of orchids. It narrows slightly to its base, and there is a special tank at the bottom.

You can use Cyclamen Lily in the office or at home, as well as outside in the garden, on the terrace and balcony, on the roof garden, or on the porch.

If you are a wholesaler and retailer or you own a flower shop or a household goods store, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the discounts of the Garden e-shop.

For information about the discounts offered when buying pots in bulk, contact our representative at the listed phones or at our email address.
You can buy this purple orchid pot with an irrigation system in different colors.
The Cyclamen Lily pot for orchids is also suitable for growing various types of houseplants and various garden flowers.

Lily is highly valued for growing herbs or spices. In the pot, you can grow different types of aromatic plants that will bring exoticism into your home.
For lovers of decorative strawberries, the pot is ideal. Cyclamen Lily is also suitable for growing some types of hanging and creeping ficus. In Lily, you could make different color combinations of low flowers – coins, violets, violas, and more.

The cheerful purple color makes it suitable for the design and interior landscaping of hotels, cafes, and restaurants, various modern lobbies, galleries, museums, and more.
Pot Purple Lily is also suitable for growing some types of climbing plants, but it is not recommended to grow bonasy in it.

Color: Modern purple color cyclamen.
Dimensions of the pot for orchids: Ф12,5 / H15
Capacity: about 1.3 liters of soil substrate for orchids.
Product weight: 0.250 kg

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