Plastic pot for orchid Angrecum (purple, violet) – with irrigation system

For all fans of orchids, presents – the perfect pot for orchid „Angrekum“ at a great price with an irrigation system! This model of the orchid pot, which has a purple color, is suitable for growing all types of house orchids – large-flowered (high-growing) and small-flowered (low-growing).

The success of this pot lies in several major „pot“ improvements. One of the main ones is the special irrigation system. It is a double bottom with a special wick, through which your flowers are optimally irrigated by the capillary.

It is useful to know that orchids are extremely sensitive to moisture, so it is essential for their development to provide the optimal amount of moisture.

The manufacturer of the soft purple orchid pot – Angrekum has facilitated the drainage of water, providing good drainage of the roots to the self-watering tank.
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