Fresh green flower pot in studio or office – Green Gigi ф15 / H28.60

For all lovers of plastic flower pots online store „Garden“ offers the model Green Gigi for your home, office, or studio. It is made of durable plastic material that is stylishly glossy.

The pot is valued for its elegant conical shape, narrowing slightly from top to bottom. This flower garden consists of two parts – a pot and a special container made of plastic for growing flowers. The pot can be used and was the container. This applies to plants that form a deeper root system (some types of palms).

The flower pot is the perfect gift for you or your relatives and acquaintances. Arrange it with suitable flowers and present it to your loved one for an anniversary or Valentine’s Day – a gift for Valentine’s Day.

Green Gigi is light and suitable for growing all kinds of ornamental plants in your home, house, villa, office, or workplace.

For those of you wishing to order wholesale pots, gardenbg com offers various discounts from the current price.

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