How to growing cucumber seeds and using them in the landscaping

Cucumbers are a crop that is very demanding of light. They are extremely heat-loving plants. For cultivation and germination of cucumber seeds need a temperature of not less than 13-15 degrees. And the optimum temperature for the growth and development of cucumbers is in the range of 25-27 degrees. When the temperature is below 15 degrees, the growth of cucumbers stops, and in the case of female flowers, dripping occurs.

At low temperatures (cold weather) in the spring below 10 degrees, there are serious disturbances in the development of plants. At temperatures below zero, the plants die.

At very high temperatures, disturbances in plant growth are also observed. Cucumbers are not very demanding of sunlight. In the low sun, they grow well, but production decreases. It is very important that cucumbers require more light during their fruiting. The other important condition is the cultivation of cucumbers is that they are very demanding to soil conditions, soil and air humidity.

The optimal requirements for soil moisture for their normal development and growth are about 85% -95% of the maximum field water capacity, and the optimal air humidity should be in the range of 90%. Maintaining high humidity in cucumbers is necessary due to their weak and shallow root system, due to their rapid growth, and large leaf mass.

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