Growing roses in the gardens of houses and villas 8

rose, roseRose (plants of the family Rosaceae) love sunny places in the garden, protected from cold winds and well-drained. Roses should not be planted in low places, because there is a lot of cold air.

The soils on which the roses are planted must be very well drained, because they do not like water retention, if these requirements are met, the desired beautiful colors will be obtained (as in the photos taken by Swami Stream and Lincolnian (Brian)) .

For growing roses and landscaping the yards of houses with roses, the most favorable are deeply cultivated, draining, slightly clayey, rich in humus and slightly acidic reaction soils. In places where the soil is heavily clayey, drainage is made and sand, rotten manure, compost and peat are added. Soils that are light and sandy can be improved by applying garden soil, compost and well-rotted manure.

The planting of roses requires prior preparation of the soil, which is done in the fall, and the planting of the roses themselves takes place in the spring. In the southern and warmer regions, roses can be planted in the fall, and it is good to have an eastern exposure, and for cooler places with a southern exposure.

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