Large plastic pot for flowers and shrubs Marty – 97/44 / H38 cm

The professional garden online store offers for the first time for its numerous customers a deep and large plastic pot for flowers, low shrubs, and small trees – Brown Marty.

This model plastic large flower boxes have nice ribbed patterns. The brown Marty is made of extremely durable UV stabilized plastic, which can be easily used for the yard and garden without being removed during the winter months.

This model of large plastic flower boxes is very suitable for landscaping terraces, roofs, roof gardens, and more. In the boxes, you can grow a large number of ornamental evergreen shrubs and trees (different types of thuja, juniper, cypress, yew, etc.).

The big chest brown Marty is highly valued by all professional gardeners and gardening enthusiasts. They are suitable for flower arrangements of sagebrush, petunias, various types of royal, and usually garden geranium when growing tagetes, nettles, and more.

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