Huge plastic pot Luigi rattan White 25x25xH26 cm – 11 liters

Luigi rattan White is a large garden pot type pot, which is made of plastic and can be ordered online from our online store „Garden“. The best thing is that if you order this large pot, you will receive it complete with a special container for growing plants, which is placed in the pot.

Compared to the heavy garden huge ceramic pots, Luigi rattan White is much lighter and this allows the pot to be carried much easier. Luigi rattan White is the perfect pot for arranging the interior in the living room, kitchen, office, living room.

The practical size of the pot makes a perfect garden pot for growing palms, dracaena, yucca, and more. The light rattan patterns, with which the practical pot is decorated, allow its perfect combination with garden furniture.

Luigi rattan White is the perfect pot for growing palm trees. Its wide opening and appropriate depth provide adequate conditions for the development of a medium-sized Caribbean date palm, for example.

If you are a palm lover and you are looking for a garden court suitable for your Washington, you can easily trust the Luigi rattan White pot. This pot is appreciated even by professional gardeners and is often used for arranging cafes and restaurants that have exotic landscaping mainly with attractive palms, planted in the pot Luigi rattan White.

Color: The pot is white. You can also buy from us online a large dark brown pot or black.
Hole size: 25/25 cm
Height of the pot: 26 cm.
Capacity: 11 liters
Total weight of the product: 0.780 kg

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