Tree margarita – use in landscaping (Argyranthemum frutescens) 67

The tree margarita is a very preferred plant for use in a wooden pot, it is known in the field of landscaping and landscape architecture with its Latin name

Argyranthemum frutescens or is also known as Crysanthemum frutescens. This is one of the brightly colored plants in the garden. This plant is one of the suitable flowering garden plants for landscaping the yard and garden.

In different types of literature it is found with these two names, but in practice it means one plant – a tree-like margarita.

This plant is extremely hardy and this makes it quite preferred by many professionals and amateur gardeners. Argyranthemum frutescens is an evergreen plant, which means that it retains its leaf mass even in winter.

It is a semi-shrub, which means Argyranthemum frutescens, which means that it partially hardens. There are many forms of this type of plant, some with green leaves, and others their leaves are in the gray-silver color.

This plant blooms from May to October, and the flowers can be white, pink or yellow.

Species that have golden yellow flowers may be of the genus Euryops, which genus is closely related to the family Argyranthemum, species of this genus are also known as yellow daisies.

In order for your plant to bloom all year round, you need to constantly remove the overblown flowers, because they are difficult to fall off and spoil the overall decorative effect, and make it difficult for new flowers to form, and during the winter months place.

Garages, basements or staircases are most suitable for this.

It is good that the temperature of this room does not fall below 8 degrees. In general, daisies bloom best in direct sunlight. During flowering it is extremely important to water them regularly, otherwise you can compromise the flowering.

Argyranthemum frutescens Another important point when watering is that they should not be overwatered, because overwetting leads to the danger of plant rot, fungal diseases and others that can easily damage your margarita and even destroy it. .

The margarita reaches a height of 25 to 100 cm, which makes it quite suitable for accentuating a part of the landscaping of your balcony or garden in an office or villa.

Good combinations are obtained with petunias, Easter and geranium. For the balcony, use the more compact shapes of the daisy. Due to its large size, the initial type is not very suitable for the balcony, as its height usually does not correspond to either the pot or the balcony.

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