Landscaping of gardens and yards with Abies concolor 41

Concolor, Silver fir, or as it is also known by its Latin name Abies concolor is a type of fir tree for landscaping, which reaches a height of 50 m. The collor forms an extremely dense conical crown (in the photo taken by nautical2k, full height).

In infancy, the silver fir stem is covered with a smooth light gray bark (pictured, which made brewbooks), which in the process of growth and growth of the tree cracks very deeply. Young twigs are yellowish gray or gray-green and are characterized by light hair.

The buds of Abies concolor градински разделители за трева are round and slightly tarred. The leaves (needles) are linear in shape and are flat, reaching a length of about 4 – 8 cm. bluish silver (pictured on brewbooks). Unlike the other firs of the Concolor, the leaves are colored the same on both sides and are arranged in two rows on the branches. The male fringes acquire a pink-red color.

These characteristic features of the Koncolorka fir make it one of the most preferred for landscaping and design of green areas, especially if you have well arranged the garden with garden grass dividers. It can be found in most of the renowned garden nurseries in Bulgaria at reasonable prices. Very rarely you can find seedlings or varietal seeds of this species of conifers.

Abies concolor The cones of the Concolor, on the other hand, are purple in color, and when ripe they turn brown. They have a cylindrical shape and reach a length of about 8 – 15 cm, characterized by a slight elegant narrowing to the top. The covering scales of the cone are shorter than the seed ones and remain hidden between them. As with other species of fir, after ripening the cone disintegrates and the seeds „take off“.

Abies concolor is widespread and inhabits Western North America. It is a tree with a typical forest character, growing in some mountains from 1000 to 3000 m. altitude along with species such as green Douglas fir (Douglas fir), Pondero pine and others.

It is grown all over Europe as a beautiful park tree with a great decorative effect. The continental climate is not harmful, but grows well on deep, fresh and fertile soils. In Bulgaria it is often used in landscaping of private yards, gardens, hotels and hotel complexes, various types of private and public gardens.

Abies concolor Does not grow well in shady places and places with polluted air. In our conditions it shows moderate growth, and at the age of 50 it can reach about 25-30 m. at a height.

It has a relatively long life of about 350 years. There is valuable wood for furniture construction. There are various forms of this species that have a high decorative value. These are: form „Argentea“ – it has silvery leaves, form „Violacea“ – it has bluish white leaves.

In our country it is widely used for single and group plantings, and can also be used as an alley plantation. It can also be used as a plant for landscaping private yards. It is a valuable species because of its dense bluish crown and because of its high phytoncide activity. It grows well when fertilized with garden fertilizers for conifers.

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