Melon seeds Gladiator F1 (Gladiator F1) – a new Bulgarian variety

Packaging / number of seeds: The new for 2021 variety of melon is available in packages of 1 g. In one gram you can find 25-30 pcs. melon seeds Gladiator F1.
Sowing rate: The number of Gladiator F1 melon plants in one decare of agricultural land is desirable to be 1200-1400 pcs. The sowing rate for pre-prepared seedlings is 60-70 g of seeds. If you are going to use the option for direct sowing of melons, then you will need 120 – 150 g of seeds. семена на пъпеш Гладиатор

Sowing period: The appropriate period for super early production in trays, for tunnel – March 25 – 30. Medium early in the trays, outdoors – after the danger of frost has passed 5-10 to 30 April.

Transplanting period: For transplanting under the tunnel the period is April 30 – May 5, and outdoor seedlings of melons Gladiator F1 can be planted from May 15 to June 1.

Growing scheme: The distances between the rows can be 140 cm, and between the individual plants 50 – 60 cm. The suitable medium-early hybrid variety Gladiator F1 for spring-summer, summer and summer-autumn cultivation can be cultivated in greenhouses and outdoors. . Variety melon Gladiator F1 is high yielding.
Vegetation: Gladiator F1 hybrid melons have a vegetation period of 80-85 days.
Characteristics of the fruit: If you prefer light orange, juicy and sweet melons, then this variety will definitely impress you. Apart from its irresistible sweet taste and characteristic melon aroma, Gladiator F1 also has quite large fruits – 4-5 kg.
Melon Gladiator F1 is a new Bulgarian variety of melon excellent for spring-summer, but also summer or summer-autumn production.

The mid-early hybrid melon Gladiator F1 is part of the selection of the company Florian of delicious varieties of Bulgarian vegetables and fruits. The final product has an excellent commercial appearance and very good taste. It is suitable for growing by hobby gardeners, as well as for larger farms.

It can be grown with seedlings and without pre-prepared seedlings (by direct sowing). Depth of sowing is about one cm when sowing in plates, and if you sow seeds of melon Gladiator F1 outdoors with direct sowing, the depth is suitable to be 3-4 cm. The vegetation of the variety is about 80-85 days.

Gladiator F1 plants are very powerful and vibrant with large dark green leaves. These high-yielding melons are suitable for growing in polyethylene greenhouses, but also outdoors.

The fruits of the Gladiator F1 melon are very large. The size of the melons reaches 4-5 kg ​​and they are yellow-orange. Their bark is slightly ribbed, covered with a fine mesh. The broadly elliptical Gladiator F1 melons have a very juicy and sweet „flesh“, which is light orange in color.

Enjoy a delicious melon that you have pre-chilled and then cut into triangular pieces. Add a handful of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries or blackcurrants and garnish with a few scoops of ice cream. Drizzle with your favorite caramel, chocolate, jam or quince or plum jam topping.

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