Seeds of Platicodon (Platicodon grandiflorus) – unpretentious with amazing flowering

Garden Center GardenShop.Pro presents flower seeds of Platycodon (Platycodon grandiflorus – from Latin means large-flowered Platycodon) – a garden flower of the Campanulaceae family, which is known for its long and very attractive flowering.

The homeland of this beautiful perennial is Asia, and today it is grown as a hybrid species, suitable for planting in single and mixed flower beds, as well as in pots, boxes and containers.

The stem of Platycodon is bushy and reaches a height of 50 cm and branches to sides of about 20 cm. The plant is richly leafy with dark green leaves, between which grow many flower buds with short stalks. It blooms with delicate colors in white, pink and blue, and its colors are extremely interesting – they have the shape of a bell facing up. за тротоар плочки

The flowering period lasts throughout the summer – from June to September, and in winter in our climate the top of the plant dies. The roots remain in the ground and wake up again in April, when the new growing season begins.

The platycodons in this seed mix will surprise you with white, pink and blue.
The stems reach a height of 50 cm.
Flowering period
It blooms from June to September.
Light requirement
You can sow the seeds of Platycodon in both sun and partial shade.
The soil must be well drained – air and water permeable. If you grow the plant in a container or pot, you must allow excess water to drain so as not to rot the roots.
Winter hardiness
The roots in the soil withstand low winter temperatures, and the tops of the plant die.
Perennial plant. за домати семена качество

Place of the plant
It can be grown in flower beds, boxes or containers. In terms of temperature and light, platycodone is not demanding. However, there is a need for brighter places. Full shade or places with intense shading impair flowering.
Sowing time
The seeds are sown in April – May, spreading evenly.
Depth of sowing
They are covered with a thin layer of soil – 1-2 cm.
Distance from each other
The distance between the individual plants should be about 20 cm.
Time for germination
Under optimal conditions of heat and soil moisture, the seeds germinate in about 14 days.
Platycodone should be watered regularly but moderately, as it is particularly sensitive to overwatering.
Fertilizing with organic or organo-mineral fertilizers stimulates the growth and abundant flowering of the plant. It is recommended to carry out regular fertilization during the growing season, which should continue after each flowering period to stimulate the formation of new flower buds. See our suggestions for fertilizers for balcony flowers.

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This interesting representative of garden flowers is often used for landscaping hotels, restaurants, fast food restaurants, guest houses and more. It is appreciated by all masters of garden and park art, who are engaged in arranging flower beds.
Not infrequently you will meet Platicodon in our resorts – Bansko, Borovets, Yundola, Pamporovo, Dobrinishte and others.
The Gardener’s Secrets! If you want to extend the flowering period, you must regularly keep the soil moist, fertilize in the prescribed consumption rates and regularly remove overblown flowers.
Platycodon is an unpretentious flower, suitable for growing by novice gardeners.
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Package size – 15/8 cm
Net weight – 0.15 g.
Product weight – 0.010 kg (10.00 g)
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Note: On the back of each package of seeds of Platicodon (Platicodon grandiflorus) there is a shelf life of the seeds, a percentage of their germination.

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