Delnashaugh creamy daffodil bulbs with double orange-pink color

Dutch bulbs of creamy daffodil, which has unusual double colors with a fabulous radiance. The large petals have a creamy-white color, they seem to reflect the smaller and showy with the color of ripe apricot.

Exceptional depth in the radiance of the large color is achieved thanks to the few white petals, which seem to „ruin“ the center of the orange-pink warm heart. The extremely attractive color of the Delnashaugh daffodil reaches a height of 45 cm.

An excellent choice for creating bouquets. This daffodil looks very beautiful and planted in pots. To plant Delnashaugh cream daffodil bulbs it is necessary to take into account the nutritional composition of the soil. It is best to plant them only in fertile soils that have good drainage. оранжеви домати семена

Does not tolerate moist and clay soils. This is probably the most beautiful variety of creamy daffodil, which has a pink-orange core and extremely long-lasting flowering. The „fluffy“ apricot center color is extremely attractive, accentuated by white sharp leaves! This variety looks great in green areas.

You can use it to create delicate and fragrant borders and beds. There is a very interesting „way“ for arranging by gardeners who do not like the arranged forms, but prefer „wild“ and „more natural“ appearance. This „arrangement“ is actually chaotic, and it looks as if you took the daffodil bulbs of Delnashaugh in your hand and threw them, and then dug the holes where they landed!

Remember that the leaves are not removed until they turn yellow in early summer. плочки тротоарни червени

Planting: Planting Delnashaugh daffodil bulbs should be September – November.
Distance from each other: 12 – 15 cm is the sufficient distance between the bulbs.
Planting depth: 10 – 15 cm.
Light requirement: The creamy double-colored daffodil prefers sun exposure and tolerates partial shade.
Flowering period: Blooms in mid-spring – late March – April.
Note: Feed the daffodils with suitable fertilizer for the bulbs every year.

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