Flower bulbs magic blue tulip Bleu Aimable

Are you looking for autumn flower bulbs on a blue tulip or maybe purple? And why not both colors in one! We have something really impressive for you! We present to your attention bulbs of tulip Bleu Aimable, which is world famous for its elegant but simpler shape of the cup. Its popularity is due to a truly unique lilac purple or even purple color, but shrouded in a deep shade of dark blue glow.

Depending on the brightness of the place, this tulip can often be recognized as both purple and blue, but always with swallowing eyes solid color. The irresistible tulip Bleu Aimable is very attractive with its changing colors from blue to purple. The height of growth of this unusual tulip is about 60 cm, which is why it is among the preferred types of autumn tulips for arranging non-standard bouquets. семена на домати розови

Hurry to plant the bulbs of the wizard tulip flower while the soil is still warm and unfrozen (September – November).

Still looking for the right place for your new color accent? Choose a sunny location and well-drained soil with a good supply of nutrients.

Remember that when you plant the autumn flower bulbs of the magical blue tulip variety Bleu Aimable, it will delight you with its exotic color in the spring and towards its end – May – June. But the wait is definitely worth it, especially because the tulip blooms irresistibly and like a chameleon under the action of the sun’s rays can change its shades.

When it begins to form its leaves it is good to apply a specialized fertilizer for bulbs. This will affect the quality and durability of the colors. After flowering, remove only the flowers. The leaves are removed when they turn yellow.

Due to its height of 60 cm is an ideal variety of beautiful tulip for creating bouquets (used for cut flowers). In larger pots you can also grow the beautiful tulip with a deceptive blue color. тротоарни плочки бетонови

Planting: The autumn bulbs of the blue tulip flower Bleu Aimable are planted in the period September – November.

Distance from each other: 12 – 15 cm is the required distance between the individual plants.

Planting depth: 15 cm is the depth at which you can plant the tulip.
Light requirements: Best, the blue tulip Tulipa Bleu Aimable grows in sunny places.

Flowering period: May – June you can enjoy the beautiful blue-purple flowers of the magic tulip. With it the season of flowers with bulbs ends with dignity.
Note: At the age of 2-3 it is good to take out the bulbs of the blue tulip so that they do not „get lost“. You can do it every year. It is important to store them in dry and ventilated places and be sure to plant them in the new autumn season.

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