Bulbs of Dutch tulip with scarlet red Merry Go Round variety

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The beautiful tulips are suitable for the production of cut flowers, as they reach a height of 45 cm! Scarlet red tulips are sown in autumn. This period is usually chosen, which is about 6-8 weeks before the frosts are expected.

Depending on the climatic conditions, the period suitable for sowing the bulbs of red tulips are September, October, and in some years the conditions allow them to be planted in November.

It is good to know that the depth of sowing is extremely important for proper germination. Make holes 15 cm deep. Grasp the pear-shaped bulb by the top and place it in the nest. Cover with soil and do not forget to press well. Water with water to compact the soil. домати семена Semenata

The location of the bulbs of Dutch red tulip Merry Go Round is good to be sunny to semi-shady. Fiery flowers grow best in places where the soil is well drained and has a neutral to slightly acidic reaction. The supply of nutrients must also be high.

Wet places are completely unsuitable. The best are the more sandy but fertile dry soils. Varieties such as the one that is suitable for cut flowers should be grown in places that are protected from stronger winds. The distance between the bulbs of the Dutch tulip red Merry Go Round should be about 12 cm.

If you have a problem in your plot with rodents such as mice, as well as moles, take good care of the protection of the bulbs. An eco trick is to put branches with thorns in the planting holes or gravel, crushed into smaller pieces. It is good to know that the bulb of the Dutch red tulip itself has all the necessary nutrients in stock for about a year. плочки тротоарни Semenata

When the period of leafing and flowering occurs, it is necessary to fertilize with a suitable fertilizer to stimulate a better quality and saturated color, which will be more durable. If the autumn season does not provide the necessary moisture (it is not so rainy or there are longer periods of drought) it is mandatory to water the bulbs. Watering should be moderate so as not to rot the bulbs.

The flowering period is March, April and May. Enjoy fabulous scarlet red tulips that will seem to light up your garden, awakened to new life in early spring! Have fun and plant this fall the Dutch bulbs of this extremely attractive variety Merry Go Round, impressive with a dense scarlet red color.
Planting: Depending on climatic conditions, plant red tulip bulbs in September – November.

Distance from each other: Leave 12 cm between the Tulipa Merry Go Round autumn planting bulbs.
Planting depth: 15 cm are enough for planting autumn bulbs.
Light requirement: Prefer sun exposure to partial shade.
Flowering period: Enjoy scarlet red flowering from March to May.

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