Genuine lambskin work gloves

Quality work gloves made of genuine lambskin in combination with cotton jersey. Lamb skin is characterized by softness and comfort when worn, combined with great durability and strength. The two fabrics (leather and cotton) complement each other wonderfully and because they are natural they have many advantages.

Natural fabrics have the ability to let the skin breathe and help absorb moisture. This is especially true for cotton. As for genuine leather, with it you can be sure that the purchase will justify the funds you have set aside for it, because it will be with you for a very long time. Genuine leather is known for its durability, easy maintenance and in this case gives the necessary comfort to the hands during work. gloves тротоарни плочки

Last but not least is the advantage of the skin to protect the hands well from pricking, cutting, etc. types of injuries during work.

The gloves have five fingers and an extension for the wrist. They also have the option of additional tightening in the area of ​​the upper arm with the help of velcro. A practical feature that will undoubtedly be appreciated by customers for whom the glove must remain stable during the work process, as well as by those who need to protect a larger area of ​​the hands when performing a certain activity.

Last but not least, their inner part is additionally reinforced in order to avoid a possible problem when touching a sharp object. The level of protection against high temperatures is also not to be neglected.

The online garden store always offers quality goods to its customers. This article is no exception to this rule. The work gloves are certified and comply with the European generally accepted standards EN 420 and EN 388.

EN 388 is a standard related to mechanical hazards and EN 420 is related to general requirements for protective work gloves.

These characteristics make work gloves suitable for a number of activities, including car mechanics, welders, carpenters, bakers, foundries, general workers, gardeners, painters, locksmiths, turners, workers in woodworking shops, workers in tecs, profile factories, in ferrous and non-ferrous metal processing plants and others.

The product would do a great job, even if you need protective clothing to work in your own garden, garage or villa. The gloves are also ideal for wearing rough materials. Their density and strength make them ideal for all activities.

Technical specifications
Color: These leather work gloves are in white and red.
Material: 100% Natural lambskin and breathable cotton jersey.
Product weight: 0.130 kg
ATTENTION! This great model of genuine lambskin gloves meets European quality standards for workwear E 420 and EN 388.

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