Seeds of cascading Nyremberg – abundant flowering with compact size

Garden Shop. pro added to its catalog of varietal flower seeds a nice representative of the cascading species – seeds of cascading Nierembergia (Nierembergia hippomanica). This is a beautiful balcony flower from the potato family (Solanaceae).

A curious fact about Nierembergia is that it is named after the Spanish coach Juan Eusebio Nierembergia, who was the first to bring it from Argentina to Europe and contributed to its spread.

The flowers of Nierembergia are purple and numerous, singly arranged, having the shape of a cup. The stems are bushy and reach a height of about 25 cm, and their leaves are bright green and delicate. красивен тротоарни плочки

The flowering of Nierembergia is long – from June to October. It grows well in sunny and warm places with southern or southwestern exposure. It is suitable for growing in pots, containers, flower boxes or hanging baskets on the balcony.

Color Blue-violet color.
Height The height of the stems reaches the elegant 25 cm.
Flowering period Extremely abundant flowering from June to October.
Light requirements Nierembergia with cascading stems prefers warm and sunny places to grow well.

Soil Use soil substrate for balcony flowers or clay-humus garden soil. To the soil substrate, you can add a suitable organic or organo-mineral fertilizer, in the prescribed consumption rates by the manufacturer. You can see our offer for fertilizer for balcony flowers.

Winter hardiness It is not a cold hardy plant.
Longevity It is grown as an annual plant.

Location of the plant Can be planted in containers or hanging baskets or in the garden for a flower border. It is often sown in rock corners and stone walls.
Sowing time The seeds are sown in February – March, spreading evenly and covering with fine soil. At home, you can prepare seedlings in advance by sowing the seeds of the cascading flower in seedling trays.

Seeding depth A large sowing depth is not required – about 1 cm maximum.
Distance from each other The finished seedlings are dipped at a distance of 20 cm from each other so that the plants can grow optimally.
Germination time The seeds of the cascading Nierembergia germinate in about two weeks, during which time it is necessary to keep the soil moist but not wet.

Watering Nierembergia is a cascading flower that should be watered regularly to strengthen. Then watering can be diluted up to 2-3 times a week (when grown in the garden). When growing in boxes or balcony pots, make sure it does not dry out.
Fertilization During the growing season, regular fertilization is important for the development of healthy plants and the formation of more flower buds.

The cascading Nyrembergia is a great flower for landscaping balconies and terraces. It is compact and yet quite impressive with its rich and abundant flowering. It is valued when building flowering skirting boards, creating hanging flower balls of flowers, arranging gazebos, barbecues and conservatories. It is often used for arranging and decorating weddings, various celebrations such as name day, anniversary birthday, gold and silver wedding and more. important occasions. соил паркинг елементи

Gardener’s advice! For richer flowering, the young tips of the plant should be retired. Thus the stem branches and more flower buds are formed. Withered flowers should also be removed in time to stimulate new growth.
Fertilizing with organo-mineral fertilizer for garden flowers also stimulates the development of plants and their flowering, making them more resistant to diseases and pests.
{tab = Technical specifications}
Package size – 15/10 cm
Net weight – 0.15 g.
Product weight – 0.010 kg (10.00 g)

Note: On the back of each package with seeds of Nierembergia cascade – Nierembergia hippomanica there is a shelf life of the seeds, a percentage of their germination.

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