The beauty of the deciduous Calathea makoyana 110

Calathea makoyana This deciduous ornamental species is highly valued by gardeners and originates from South America or more precisely from the country of coffee Brazil. пластмасови елементи за паркинг

With its relatively small size, Calathea is very suitable for growing in an apartment, but not outside in the yard with different types of grass mixtures.

The dimensions of this plant are 45-60 cm high and 30-50 cm wide. Calathea does not like direct sunlight – it grows best in partial shade.

Direct sunlight can burn the leaves and worsen the decorative appearance of the plant.

The temperatures at which the plant grows well are not very high. The most favorable temperatures for the good development of the plant are 12 – 15 degrees in winter and about 15 – 20 degrees in summer.

Calathea makoyan Regarding watering, it is good to keep the soil moist in winter and to water it regularly during the summer months, without overdoing it.

Excessive watering leads to water retention around the roots and their rot. Decay leads to deterioration of the decorative appearance of the plant, and sometimes to the death of the plant.

The soil substrate in which this species grows should be light with good mechanical composition and rich in nutrients.

It is best to mix leaflet, well-decomposed manure, peat and coarse sand. It is good for the container in which the plant is to be well drained. This is achieved by placing pieces of broken brick or tile on the bottom.

Calathea makoyana For the good development of the plant and for achieving the maximum decorative effect, it is good to fertilize the plant with liquid fertilizer every two weeks from the end of spring to the end of summer.

Propagation is carried out in late spring, dividing the tuft.

If the plant grows well, it can be divided every year and new plants can be obtained.

If the temperature is very high during the summer months, it is good to spray the leaves. As the water should be lukewarm and non-lime.

Spraying means spraying the leaves with water. Spray cleaners are quite popular and should be thoroughly washed beforehand.

Spray by spraying every few hours in the summer heat, if your plant is in a hot place, it is good to be careful not to spray during the hottest part of the day or to move it to another place and spray there. This plant leads to improved interior conditions in the home. quality plastic parking elements тротоарни плочки варна

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