The plant for home and office Dracena (Dracena sp.) 93

Leaves of Dracena (Dracena sp.) Dracena is one of the most common indoor species. It is mostly found in the Canary Islands, Guinea, Zaire, Madagascar, and Cameroon. Dracaena is a very popular home plant. It is very often used for interior design, as decoration for various administrative and business buildings, various public buildings, Israeli nylon greenhouses for greenhouses, and others. качествен найлон израелски за оранжерии

In different species of dracaena, the height is different, but in general, it reaches from 0.75 to 1.20 m.

Not very demanding look to the light.

For the best development of the species, a sunny place is needed in the winter and a semi-shady place in the summer.

It grows well at medium temperatures. In winter it grows best at temperatures in the range of 10 – 15 degrees, and in summer the most favorable temperatures are 15 – 25 degrees.

The humidity is very demanding does not tolerate dried air. The most favorable is the high humidity.

Watering is also a very important factor for the proper development of the plant. In the winter months it is good to keep the soil moist, and in the summer to be very moist to wet, but not soaked, because this can lead to rot of the root system and death of the plant.

For the good development of Dracaena and to achieve the maximum decorative effect, the soil on which it develops must be clay. The clay soil is most favorable for the development of Dracaena. In addition to providing favorable conditions in the environment, fertilization should be practiced in the cultivation of this species.

It is also a very important factor in the cultivation of Dracena (Dracena sp.). Fertilization is carried out every two weeks for 3 months from June to August.

Propagation in this species is carried out in the spring by taking cuttings about 8 cm long and planted in a substrate that contains an equal amount of sand and peat mixture.

It is transplanted at a certain time, from about 2 years, when the pot becomes small, which renews part of the substrate to improve its structure and to introduce new nutrients.

Dracaena is a wonderful plant that everyone can have in their home.

Photos: Silus Grok, unplain-Jane and blackwolf29 yard floor tiles

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