Interior arrangement with Anthurium scherzerianum 85

Anthurium is a beautiful plant that originated in Guatemala.

In our conditions it does not reach large sizes, so it is suitable for growing in an apartment and in a room. Used for interior design. Anthurium is one of the plants with attractive colors used in the interior. градински павета бетонни

It reaches 25 – 30 cm in height and 30 – 40 cm in width. It can be used as an accent in interior design.

In its natural habitat it can reach larger sizes than these.

It blooms very nicely from spring to autumn with beautiful heart-shaped flowers, from which emerges a curled up cob. It is much preferred for interior landscaping of houses, villas, offices and office – buildings, office buildings and more. It is one of the plants with red flowers used in the interior garden, especially if it is laid with antique concrete pavers or quality paving slabs.

Anthurium leaves are relatively large, fleshy and heart-shaped, like the flowers. The colors are very different in color, but the most characteristic are bright red.

In terms of light, this species does not like to be exposed to direct sunlight. In winter it likes places that are hidden from direct sunlight, and in summer it likes places that are in partial shade. There should not be much light in the interior.

The temperature is not very demanding, it grows well at temperatures in the range of 10 – 15 degrees in winter and 15 – 25 degrees in summer. The beautiful leaves of Anthurium (Anthurium scherzerianum)

For the good condition and the maximum decorative effect of the Anthurium, high air humidity must be maintained.

This is achieved to some extent by spraying the leaves, which reduces the transpiration (loss of water) of the plant itself.

This species requires a lot of water for its proper development, so in winter the soil should be kept moist, and in summer it should be watered abundantly, and there should be good drainage at the bottom of the pot.

Drainage helps not to retain water around the roots of the plant, which can lead to their rot, deterioration of the decorative effect of the plant and sometimes its death.

Anthurium scherzerianum The soil substrate should be rich in nutrients and should be composed of peat and garden soil.

Fertilization is very important for the flowering of the plant.

Therefore, this species is fertilized during flowering, as fertilizer is applied every two weeks. But it is extremely important to fertilize according to the optimal norms set for this plant.

Otherwise, an overdose of a fertilizer can lead to burning of the leaves or even death of the plant.

Propagation takes place in the spring by shoots, making sure that each new plant has a few leaves and that its roots are healthy. To improve the humidity, it is good to put the pot with the plant in a container with water.

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