Pavement slab 30/30/4 cm smooth from vibropressed concrete

Online store for garden flooring Semenata Shop presents a great product for yards and gardens – paving slab 30/30/4 cm with a classic smooth surface тротоарна плоча 30/30/4 см.

The pavement slab 30 30 4 cm is made by a leading Bulgarian manufacturer of concrete products. They are composed of a special concrete mixture, which is vibropressed with machines to reach a higher density. Through this production technology, the paving slab obtains a higher load resistance and a correspondingly longer period of use.

The model concrete pavement slab 30 30 4 cm is highly valued for its elegant smooth surface. It is the classic elegant design that makes it suitable for use in the construction of flooring around different types of buildings, regardless of their style.

The pavement slab has a side width of 30 cm and its thickness (height) is 4 cm. This model is also produced with a thickness of 5 cm. Whether you use 4 or 5 cm thickness, it is good to provide tiles for the construction of garden, yard or different types of outdoor flooring that will only be loaded by pedestrian traffic. It is not recommended to use the model sidewalk slab smooth for construction of places where cars and trucks will be parked or passed.

In these cases, it is recommended to use thick concrete pavers (from 6 cm thick upwards) or special concrete parking elements, as well as plastic parking elements, which are also available from Semenata Shop.

The concrete pavement slab combines perfectly with the concrete curbs of different sizes we offer.

Using the model smooth paving slabs 30/30/4 cm.

Pavement tile 30 30 4 cm is widely used in the construction of exterior flooring. Its square shape, small size and clean design make it virtually universal when creating paths, playgrounds, sidewalks and more.

It is most often used in the construction of flooring around houses, porches, sheds, various types of gazebos and more.

The model is suitable for construction of decorative tile paths on a grass joint, as well as decorative garden paths with a joint of gravel, white marble mosaic and others. In these cases, it is good to provide a quality restrictive strip for grass, which will outline the path with concrete tiles.

The smooth paving slab 30 30 4 cm is also valued when creating pavements around hotels, hotel complexes, gated residential complexes, around schools, universities, public parks and gardens, theaters, cinemas, shops and more.

They fit perfectly in the creation of alleys and pedestrian approaches around churches, monasteries, campsites, workshops, around greenhouses made of Israeli polyethylene and more.

Technical features of the smooth pavement slab 30 30 4

Size of the pavement slab (length / width / height) – 30/30/4 cm

Color – Smooth tiles are available in a classic gray (concrete) color. You can also order colored tiles by coloring the top surface layer with a thickness of about 1 cm. The colors we offer are yellow, ocher and red. The minimum order quantity for the color variants is 50 sq.m. It is also possible to order smaller quantities in case of remaining stock.

Material – The model is made only of high quality vibropressed concrete.

Weight of 1 pc. tile – 7.5 kg

Number of paving slabs in 1 sq.m – 11 pcs. of the smooth pavement concrete slab will be needed for 1 sq.m flooring.

Online store for garden flooring Semenata Shop delivers this model only on euro pallets with size 120/80 cm. Delivery is made with courier companies, and can be delivery by unloading (by trucks with a drop board and pallet truck) or delivery without unloading at the address (the customer is obliged to provide equipment for unloading at the address – forklift, electric forklift, front loader, excavator with suitable forks, etc.).

The plates are sent to every large and small settlement in the country, which is accessible by truck – Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv, Burgas, Svoge, Constantine and Elena, Saint Vlas, Golden Sands, Ravda, Nessebar, Dobrich, Kavatsi, Shumen, Dyulino, Grigorevo, Paunovo, Nikopol, Pazardzhik, Yambol, Haskovo, Stara Zagora, Dimitrovgrad, Sandanski, Petrich, Rila, Zlatolist, Bansko, Razlog, Petrovo Bardo and others.

Maximum number of tiles per 1 pallet for delivery with unloading included – 116 pcs. tiles (10.54 sq.m)

Maximum number of tiles per pallet WITHOUT included delivery unloading at the address – 144 pcs. paving slabs (13 sq.m)

Note! The indicated price is for 1 piece. concrete paving slab with VAT included in the price. Additional discounts are possible for construction and landscaping companies.

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