Quality leather work gloves Safe plus

Some Garden Centers presents to its customer’s high-quality protective

for hands – work gloves made of genuine leather with five fingers Safe Plus.

The gloves are made of extremely durable natural leather, which is soft and well-treated. This makes them very comfortable to work with. At the same time, the skin is healthy and protects against injury during various activities.

These quality work gloves consist of 5 fingers and an extension to the wrist. In this way, in addition to the palms, you also protect your wrists.

Leather gloves are extremely comfortable for performing a huge number of activities. They are often used by gardeners, fitters, carpenters, foundries, and others.

This model of leather work gloves is highly valued by general workers, farmers, various types of craftsmen, painters, car mechanics, builders, glaziers, drywall installers, bakers, kitchen workers, road construction workers, municipal landscaping, and more.

Due to the natural leather, the gloves are not recommended for use when washing dishes, various types of dishes and when working with water.
Color: The leather work gloves are made of white leather and blue polyester edging.

Material: 100% Genuine leather.
Product weight: 0.130 kg

Model size from the photo: available in one universal size only
Length from the tip of the middle finger to the end of the palm: 19.5 cm.
Overall glove length: 25.00 cm (from the tip of the middle finger to the end of the glove).

ATTENTION! This model of quality work gloves meets European standards for the quality of workwear E 420 and EN 388.

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