Plastic flower box with irrigation system in stylish brown color presents to all its customers a stylish plastic flower box made of brown (shade) quality plastic. The box narrows gradually to the base and is equipped with a special irrigation system and drainage cassettes.

The irrigation system provides optimal watering of all types of plants by capillary route for about two weeks (depending on the plant and the room temperature). Prices for interior landscaping of various types of premises – hotel rooms, residential apartments, guest houses, homes, residences, and more.

The shape of the brown box is very suitable for planting hanging and creeping plants, which can be arranged according to your preferences on balconies, verandas, terraces, and outdoor courtyards. This type of box is often chosen for landscaping gazebos and barbecues.

Color: Brown and white (Shade and white)

Dimensions of the pot: L34.5 / H13

Capacity: About 3.3 liters of soil for potted flowers.

Total weight of the product: 0.31 kg

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