Constant care for plants 58

Garden maintenance activities are quite important to grow well, to have good growth, to have large and abundant flowers and fruits, our plants. It is good to have subscription support for green areas. When maintaining a garden in the yard and house, you should constantly pay attention to your ornamental plants, their needs and whims. The best solution for this purpose is to hire a company that offers subscription maintenance of gardens, but necessarily at reasonable prices, especially if you use quality grass mixtures.

If you have decided to do it yourself for this purpose, it is good to know the intricacies of gardening. There are a large number of currents in the landscaping of gardens and yards. The differences come from the culture, the way of life, the economic condition of the country and respectively the climate. For example, Canada is a country with a diverse climate and cultures. There are different types of gardening. But whatever the peculiarities, attention must be paid to post-plant care. тревни смески качествени

In most species, and even in all plants, some small care is constantly needed to keep them in good condition, especially during flowering.

A good example is that during flowering it is necessary to remove overblown flowers, remove withered twigs, different types of leaves to provide your plant with conditions to grow.

It is especially important to remove the dried leaves from the fall in the fall, not only because they have a rather poor aesthetic appearance, but also because after the winter they begin to rot, and thus they become a refuge for various fungal diseases and insects, which are not particularly favorable to our plants.

The problem with this tedious work (autumn fall collection) was solved for the first time by Husqwarna, as they created the first motor broom of its kind. Despite its name, it has nothing in common with ordinary garden brooms, resembling a bazooka in shape, but is actually a thick-tube vacuum cleaner to collect larger plant debris, which is collected in a special bag. There are different types according to the power and the volume of the basket.

When these dead twigs, leaves, flowers are removed, the plant stops conducting nutrients to them and thus directs them to other beautiful plant combinations (photos Lux Garden Ltd.) healthy parts, thus favoring the development of new branches, new flowers and new leaves.

In this way you improve not only the overall development of your plant but also its much-desired decorative appearance. The decorative look is enhanced with garden lamps at night.

It is also extremely important to maintain the soil around your flower. You need to weed it constantly, especially during the rainy season, when the weeds come out in literally seconds. Weeding is especially important if the seeds of varieties have been sown in a greenhouse or hothouse.

It is very important to be able to eradicate weeds as long as possible. It is easiest to weed when the soil is wet, for example after rain or if it is dry, you can water before weeding (for example, a few hours in advance).

Weeds not only degrade the aesthetic appearance of your garden, but can also seriously damage your plants. Due to their aggressive nature, if not removed in time, they quickly compete with the flowers, suffocate them, with their fast-growing roots and aboveground part.

With their different characteristics and types of roots, weeds take away the nutrients from your plants, and with their rapidly growing above-ground part, they literally take away their light.

Lavender (photos Lux Garden Ltd.) One of the most difficult to remove weeds is cod. It is extremely aggressive, resistant to quite severe conditions and difficult to remove cereal grass. Even a stalk of it for a month can take 7-8 square meters.

A proven fact about cod is that even if it falls into the abdomen of an animal, it can then grow even from its feces (the proof was made by Bulgarian scientists, botanists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences).

Therefore, regular removal of these unwanted plants is quite important.

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