Plastic pot for columns in tile color – Brown Angie 15.8 / 14 / H19.8 cm

Are you looking for a plastic pot for a column, gutter, or lantern? We from the e-shop „Garden“ added one to our wide catalog of plastic pots for the yard and interior.

We offer to the attention of all our clients a pot with a simple design for attachment to various supports Angie Brown. Its color is extremely suitable for arrangement in gazebos, very similar to the color of the tiles (brick color).

The brown Angie has a special handle, which easily attaches to columns of different diameters, gutters, lanterns, sills, and more.
It is made of quality plastic that does not fade from the sun.
градински паркинг елементи
Plastic flowerpot for gazebo – Brown Angie can be arranged on your roof terrace. In addition to outside in the yard, you can decorate with this pot and your interior.

Also, the pot is suitable for decorating the lobbies of hotels and family leisure complexes, health centers and clinics, office buildings, and any premises painted in shades appropriate to this specific color.

The plastic pot for columns – Brown Angie, can be placed on the fence of the gazebo.
градинарски тротоарни плочки
Color: Light brown (ceramic color, tile color)
Pot size: 15.8 / 14 / H19.8 cm
Capacity: 2 liters of flower soil.
Total weight of the product: 0.350 kg

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