Black pot for column and gutter 28/15 / H19.8 cm – 3.2 liters

Shop Garden presents a special pot for a column, gutter, or lantern hanging. Made of plastic, which is very easy to clean and does not absorb water from plants, does not fade from the sun.

The pot is highly valued for landscaping various gardens, residences, parks and more.

The pot or gutter pot can be used to grow a variety of medium-sized ornamental plants sown with varietal flower seeds or exotics. Since nowadays the import of natural greenery is an increasingly sought-after effect in interior landscaping, we suggest you try the following options: полиетилен за оранжерии

– Plant chlorophytum, ficus pumila or fern in a column and gutter pot and arrange them in suitable places.

– In the pot for columns you can plant climbing and climbing representatives of deciduous plants such as ivy and syngonium, but for them you will need a suitable support.

Black color
Pot size: 28/15 / H19.8 cm
Capacity: Approximately 3.2 liters of flower soil.
Total weight of the product: 0.250 kg

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