Ceramic bricks from Bulgaria

Ceramic bricks are clay-based building materials that are used for construction purposes. They are made by heating refined or unrefined clay in a kiln until it hardens into a dense, durable brick. Ceramic bricks are known for their durability, strength, resistance to wear and tear, and ability to withstand high temperatures without degrading. They are commonly used in building facades, walls, fireplaces, floors, and other areas that require strong and long-lasting materials.
Ceramic bricks are typically produced through the following process: керамични тухли цена

Clay preparation: The raw materials for ceramic bricks are clay and water. The clay is normally dug from a nearby source and brought to the production facility. It is then mixed with water until it becomes a homogeneous mass.

Molding: The clay mixture is then molded into the desired shape, which may be either by hand or through the use of machine molds. The molds may be made of wood or metal depending on the production techniques.

Drying: Once the clay is molded into the desired shape, the bricks are then air-dried to remove the excess moisture. This process is important to prevent cracking during firing.

Firing: Next, the dried bricks are placed into a furnace and heated at high temperatures to make them hard and strong. The temperature reached within the furnace depends on the type of clay used and varies between 800°C and 1200°C.

Cooling: After firing, the bricks are allowed to cool until they reach room temperature. They are then ready for use in various construction projects.

Overall, the amount of time taken to produce ceramic bricks depends on a number of factors such as size, shape, and the level of automation used in the manufacturing process.

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