Cheap flower pot with irrigation system – Green Zara ф 11 / H 10.5 cm 0.6 liters

Are you looking for an elegant pot suitable for growing plants indoors? Great! E-shop „Garden“ is pleased to present you a model of a classic pot with a stylish design in green – Green Zara! This exclusive model is equipped with a self-watering system (irrigation system).

Green Zara is a plastic pot that is sold with a special white container in which the plants are planted. The container and the pot form a niche in which the water is drained during watering. This capillary water returns to the pot and keeps the soil moisture in optimal condition.

Before planting the selected plant or the selected flower seeds, you do not have to drill or modify the pot. It’s just ready to use.

In addition to decorating rooms, this flower pot with an irrigation system can also be used to arrange balconies and larger outdoor spaces.

The plastic pot model with the Green Zara irrigation system is ideal for growing potted indoor plants. With its sophisticated design, this pot fits well in any home that has furniture in a color suitable for combination with that of the flower pot.

A significant advantage of Green Zara is that it is a low price pot with perfect quality. This is because it is made of high-quality plastic. The same size garden pot for planting plants, but made of ceramic would certainly have a higher price.

In Green Zara you can plant agates (Chinese lanterns), schizanthus, saintpaulia (African violet), nettle, cyclamen, gypsy seeds, coins, strelitzia, freesia, geranium, epic, money tree, tree of life, afelandra, anthurium, sakuzche, petunia and other plants with beautiful flowers.

Color: The pot is green.

Dimensions of the opening: The opening of the pot in the upper part has a diameter of 11.00 cm

Height of the pot: 10.5 cm

Capacity: 0.6 liters of flower soil.

Product weight: 0.177 kg

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