Pots for railing wholesale and retail – Gray Paradise ф30 / H30 cm

Flowerpot Gray Paradise is an amazing offer that you can buy from our online store for the garden. The pot is perfect for your balcony, made of durable plastic that can withstand high temperatures and very low. It is designed to be placed on the railing of the balcony.

Thanks to the recess, which has from the bottom to the upper opening, a slit is formed, which serves for the independent fastening of the pot on the balcony railing. Also, the so-called slit divides the pot into two compartments.

For wholesalers of pots and customers who wish to purchase larger quantities from Sivat Paradise, they can contact us at the indicated telephone numbers and e-mail address, where depending on the desired quantities they can receive the respective discount from the price of the pot.

Are you an amateur gardener who wants to buy a universal pot with an interesting design? In that case, you have come to the right place. From the e-shop „Garden“, you can buy a pot of Gray Paradise, which would adequately meet the above criteria.

The pot is universal, because in it you can grow all kinds of potted plants (except for orchids, for them we have special pots for orchids and soil substrate). Paradise has an attractive design, it is divided into two compartments and has a gap between the compartments, which serves to attach the pot to fences, partitions, railings on the balcony, and more. The strong attachment is done by means of a cable connection (pigtail), which you receive when buying the pot.

It is ideal for stair railings in the hallway. The original design of the pot is also extremely practical. If you have a small home or just have a narrow balcony, you can buy Gray Paradise and save a lot of space.

In addition to space, you also save money, because you will not have to buy a potholder or other similar devices and accessories for hanging pots. Two separate plants can be planted in the double pot.

Herbs, Chinese spices, leafy ornamental flowers, flowering plants, and all kinds of cascading, hanging, climbing, succulents, and cacti can be planted in Paradise Bordeaux. The pot is not suitable for planting Japanese bonsai trees, Chinese rose, various types of large trees from China and Japan.

From the garden online store „Garden“ you can buy this pot at retail or wholesale with a special trade discount (inquiries for wholesale prices).

Color: The pot is gray, reminiscent of a concrete mosaic.

Dimensions of the opening: The opening of the pot in the upper part is size ф30 cm.

Size of the opening for the railing: 9 cm at the bottom, narrowing to 6 cm.

Height of the pot: pot h = 30 cm

Capacity: about 7 liters of soil substrate.

Pot weight: 1,300 kg

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