Concrete garden tiles for Plovdiv and the whole country 40/40/5 cm

Garden tiles

Semenata Shop presents to all its customers another great product for building pavements in the yard and garden – concrete garden tiles that can be delivered in Plovdiv with a reasonable price for delivery, as well as to any truck-accessible town in Bulgaria.

These model-quality paving slabs

are made of vibe pressed concrete. This is a technology for compacting the concrete mixture using specialized vibropresses. In this way, the tiles acquire a higher density and, accordingly, a higher resistance to load and wear.

The tiles for Plovdiv and the sidewalk side are made with a universal square shape and dimensions 40 by 40 cm with a tile thickness of 5 cm. This model can be ordered with a smaller thickness – 4 cm. The surface is smooth, which makes Plovdiv tiles excellent for use around buildings of all architectural styles.

You can place an order for delivery of tiles for the city of Plovdiv or Plovdiv region, as well as for the whole of Bulgaria in the classic gray concrete color, in the colors yellow, ocher and red. In the case of color models of paving concrete tiles, only the upper layer with a thickness of about 1 cm is colored.

As it comes from the name of the concrete slab „sidewalk“, the main purpose of the model is to build sidewalks around city streets, busy boulevards in the central parts of Plovdiv, Sofia, Burgas, Varna, Haskovo, Dimitrovgrad, Stara Zagora, Shumen and others.

Plovdiv concrete tiles are a model that is highly valued in the construction of yard flooring in private houses and villas, country houses, around garages and garage cells, and more.

The model is highly valued by all craftsmen and construction crews who deal with repair and construction of exterior flooring. They are used in the construction of garden paths, grass paths, around garden pavilions, pergolas, around inflatable and monolithic pools around places for recreation in the garden, etc.

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