Quality overalls for car service and outdoor work

GardenShop.Pro presents great overalls for car service suitable for the warm days of the year. Made in a stylish beige color and ideal for the hot sun. The overalls for car repair shops are designed for work outdoors and indoors, and the appropriate color has the advantage that it does not attract the sun only on you.

The fact is that dark tones attract more than light ones. If your professional activity is associated with long hours outdoors – landscaping workers, hyenists, construction workers, technicians, drywall installers, car mechanics, etc., then this is the perfect jumpsuit for you.

The product is part of a product line. A work jacket set from the mentioned line can be purchased for the semi-overalls for car repair shops. With a set of two parts you get the freedom to wear appropriate work clothes in accordance with the climatic conditions at any time of the year.

For the production of the overalls for the car service a fabric was used, which includes cotton and polyester 260 g / m2. Cotton fabric has the ability to drain body sweat in a natural way, which is very important during physical work performed for a long time. It is characterized by a high degree of durability and heat resistance.

During the winter season, the ability to warm the body increases, which makes it a suitable material for the colder seasons (autumn). Polyester is a chemically synthesized fiber. It is characterized by a low degree of creasing and is super resistant to tension. In addition, moisture and moths do not like it, which is in your favor – it dries quickly after washing and the stains do not stick to it much. A great combination is obtained between the two fabrics, suitable for more delicate skin.

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