Great work pants at affordable prices in Sofia and Bulgaria presents a great model of summer work pants at affordable prices with delivery throughout Bulgaria – Sofia, Pleven, Kaspichan, Chepelare, Sandanski and others. settlements. Pants for work at a good price also have a luxurious design. The impressive vision is achieved with additional details and a great deal of creativity.

The colors used are two, gray and black. Gray is the main color, and black plays the role of an interesting and practical addition. The result is a stylish combination with both shades, and when we add here and there the bright red notes coming from the back of the pockets, the perfection is there.

The strength of working pants at good prices is also at the required level. The area around the knees is further reinforced with a black board. This is one of the most delicate areas to wear out. All bosses of clothing are also healthier. In addition, the model meets the minimum requirements set out in the European standard EN 340. The presence of the certificate is an additional guarantee for the described quality.

For the production of the present product, a mixture of cotton and polyester is used, which is characterized by a good summer density of 190 g / m2. The mentioned combination offers everything you need for comfort at work and for long-term health. Both fabrics have the necessary qualities to complement each other perfectly. Cotton with its natural origin, which takes care of moisture to stay away from you and the skin to breathe, and polyester, which takes care of durability and prevention of deformations of the fabric.

Boldly use work pants with a good price in Sofia or all of Bulgaria for any activity for which the use of work clothes is mandatory. General work, specific work in a factory, in a service for AGU, car repair shops, services for painting and tinsmithing works, sewing workshop or other specialized site.

In addition to the price, we can not ignore the extremely comfortable cut of the pants, which makes them ideal for activities that require frequent changes of posture or those associated with constant physical activity.

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Working black pants with triple reinforced seams and comfortable cut offers you online practical work black pants following the highest quality standards. The great combination of basic graphite black color and white seams, without a doubt, distinguishes it from all other clothes created for work.

The exceptional vision, however, does not make it less practical. On the contrary, black work trousers have all the basic features that should be present in such clothing. We would add that the positive aspects of the model are even more than expected. A pleasant surprise for the person who will like and invest in the model.

The pants are from a line with several types of clothes of the same fabric and workmanship. These are a black work jacket and a jumpsuit with the same characteristics and vision as the black work trousers. An amazing combination, which we guarantee that you will be satisfied in every way if you place an order online.

As we mentioned, the item shines equally with great vision and practicality.

Цялата публикация „Working black pants with triple reinforced seams and comfortable cut“