Work suit set – jacket with overalls made of 100% cotton

We offers a universal men’s work suit. The work clothes are made of fabric – 100% cotton, suitable for work in construction, gardening, painting, plumbing, installation of air conditioners, heating, and many other repairs.

The work suit can be used by construction workers, gardeners, gardeners, carpenters, locksmiths, turners, electricians, workers in cleanliness, for work in warehouses, for work in the home and garden.

The work suit consists of a set – a working summer jumpsuit and a work jacket in the same right and attractive green color, supported by attractive yellow accents. The jumpsuit has buttons on the front of the slot (shop).

There are two deep pockets on the front and one on the chest. The work jacket has four extremely comfortable deep zip pockets – two top and two side pockets for different types of tools and accessories.

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