Work shoes with metal toecap with anti-allergic lining

GardenShop.Pro has expanded its catalog with another product of great importance when working in the garden and in many other professions – work shoes with a metal toecap.

The advantage of this model is that their lining is made of anti-allergic material, which has the ability to absorb sweat. This prevents sweating and steaming of the feet. This is especially important for people who often have problems with fungus on their feet or have sensitive skin. In addition, work shoes have a comfortable removable insole, which also absorbs moisture and protects the feet from colds.

One of the main advantages of the model is undoubtedly the metal bomb. It is made of a metal plate, which is inserted in the front of the work shoe. This protects your toes and the entire front of your feet from mechanical injury from falling objects. These hazards are common in movers, workers in large warehouses, hypermarkets, profile factories, warehouses for construction materials, gas stations and more. Плевен Тротоарни Плочки

The entire upper part of the work shoes with a toe is made of quality natural leather, which additionally protects the poop when working. Last but not least is the sole of the shoe – it is made of antistatic material PU / PU.
The model of a shoe with a toe is highly valued for its very good qualities and reasonable price. It is often used by gardeners, gardeners, general workers, masons, masons, painters, construction workers, formworkers, installers, plumbers and many more. etc.

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