Quality waterproof work shoes with anatomical insole

GardenShop.Pro store presents to its customers a great offer – quality waterproof work shoes with anatomical insole. This model will surprise you with its great features.

The upper part is produced from genuine leather – water repellent. This is especially important for professions that are systematically exposed to water – workers in car washes, workers in dams, forestry, nurseries, vegetable growers, specialists in the construction of irrigation systems, gardeners and others.

The lining of the inner part of the shoe is made of a special material – Texelle, which is breathable and has several very important properties – it absorbs and releases moisture when sweating the feet and is very highly durable. That way, you won’t have to worry about pairing your foot as a result of wearing work shoes all day. Русе Тротоарни плочки

One of the main advantages of this model of waterproof work shoe is undoubtedly the anatomical insole, which has a comfortable shape to wear and does not strain the feet when walking. It is also perforated and can be removed and cleaned. The insole is covered with a special Texelle material, as well as the entire inner part and is antistatic. This way you are sure that even with all-day intensive work, your feet will receive a very high level of protection.

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