Men’s work suit – (set) jacket with quality overalls

Online shop for workwear Gardenbg com offers its customers a comfortable and high-quality model of work clothes made of fabric masterfully combined from cotton and polyester 220 g / sq.m. The set consists of a work overall and a quality work jacket in a stylish gray color.

This work suit is manufactured by a reputable manufacturer of workwear and clothing. Workwear is suitable for a number of professions – gardeners, gardeners, construction workers, various types of craftsmen, masons, general workers, painters, car mechanics, and others. The work set is highly valued for home use of the villa, in the garden and yard, for work in the garage, and more.

Both the quality overalls and the work jacket are made of strong fabric for work clothes – cotton, reinforced with polyester. This fabric is dense and quite resistant to various types of loads – abrasion when working with various machines and tools, it is resistant to cracking and tearing, while cotton gives softness and coolness during the work process.

It is often preferred by various construction companies such as company workwear, priced by landscaping and landscaping companies, for professional gardeners who deal with the maintenance of gardens and yards.

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