Working overalls with delivery to Sofia and for the whole of Bulgaria offers you a summer work overall with delivery to Sofia and for any place in Bulgaria. The design of the Sofia workwear is fully in line with the needs of the ordinary person, whose work is more specific and needs quality clothing for this purpose.

A combination of cotton and polyester is the type of fabric used for the production of overalls for Sofia and Bulgaria. The resulting mix protects human skin, is super resistant to tension and repetitive physical movements, does not deform when washed and in general the life of the fabric is quite long. The density of the fabric is 280 g / m2, which means that the level of durability is very high and at the same time will keep you cool during the summer heat.

Undoubtedly, the Sofia jumpsuit will be part of your wardrobe for as long as it pays off, and much more.

The certificate defining the basic requirements for workwear for the European Union, marked as EN 340, is also available for the workwear we offer you here. This means quality and security at all times while you are with him. Last but not least, this means that the purchase you will make is justified not only in terms of your work, but also in terms of your health and safety.

The model of this type of Sofia jumpsuits includes several common features. First of all, it is the cut, free, but still within certain limits, thanks to which the comfort during work can be found.

Another feature is the adjustable straps, which are elastic enough to fit them to your personal physical data. Their length is easily controlled whenever necessary. We also come to the pockets, where a certain difference can be observed. For example, in the overalls for Sofia displayed here, the pockets are more voluminous and have more compartments so that you can put everything important for you in them.

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